Farmhouse Ale

Ryed the Bucks County range with this seasonal Farmhouse Ale. Dry and spicy, just like our Solebury Saison, but with the added intrigue of flaked Rye in the grain bill. Big and bold enough to ward off Winter’s chill.
7.3% ABV • IBU 28

 Coffee Stout

A dry English Stout blended with Sumatran coffee from Covered Bridge Coffee Roasters in Feasterville, PA. Long, cold brewing reduces the bitterness and acidity in the coffee. Roasty, toasty, and ridiculously smooth. Cheers.
5.2% ABV  •  IBU 36


Rum Barrel-aged Belgian Strong Ale

Our (in)famous Dead Squirrel Belgian Strong Ale aged in Rum barrels from local distillery Hewn Spirits. Smooth and complex, with notes of fruit and vanilla. We handled the first part, the Royal British Navy will have to take care of the rest. Splice the Mainbrace! NO GROWLERS…
8.8% ABV • IBU 27


Kölsch Wieß

Cold-conditioned Ale from the Köln region of Germany. Our version of a rare fresh and unfiltered style called ‘Wieß’ Cloudy, very light-bodied with a fruity nose. Brewed with Hallertau Blanc hops. This Weasel REALLY pops.
5.1% ABV • IBU 26


Ordinary Bitter

When you are planning on having more than one, ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES. Clean and malty, lightly carbonated, and English hops bring it all home. HUZZAH!!!  
3.6% ABV • IBU 34


Your favorite: a light, refreshing, Wheat Beer! Lemony citrus flavor with mild notes of clove in the finish. Sure it’s December, but go out and mow the lawn anyway.
4.7% ABV • IBU 18

                      KALTESBRAU                Coffee Stout nitro           

A dry English Stout blended with Costa Rican and/or Sumatran coffees from Covered Bridge Coffee Roasters. Long, cold-brewing reduces bitterness and acidity in the coffee and Nitrogen adds a creamy twist to this beauty.
5.2% ABV • IBU 36