English Porter

Dark…Tempting… and too good to be True. A straight-forward English Porter with hints of chocolate and a roasty, slightly bitter finish. What was your mother’s maiden name again?
5.2% ABV • IBU 47

 Belgian Tripel

The name says delicious in ANY language! A little bit bready, a little bit sweet, with fruit and alcohol warmth in the finish. Not as thin as a lot of Tripels. This smooth high ABV sipper will have you climbing a tree before you know it. Gaja!
9.6% ABV  •  IBU 26


Chestnut Beer Gluten-Free-esque

Grain, grain, go away… Brewed with both Colossal and American Chestnuts. After an overnight mash, we boiled the wort with honey, and various sugars. Both the aroma and flavor are nutty/fruity with a big boozy finish.
9.7% ABV • IBU 33


Farmhouse Ale

A Farmhouse Ale done in the Belgian style. Dry, spicy, and refreshing. Pairs well with that Thai dish you have been dreaming about or sitting in front of the TV watching Paris-Roubaix. Santé !
6.4% ABV • IBU 29


Northern English Strong Ale

Our oldest recipe. Basd on the strong brown ales of the Yorkshire region of Northern England. Don’t let the I.B.U.s fool you. Bitter, she ain’t. Malty with a bracing hop finish. Mad, Crazy delicious!
6.7% ABV • IBU 59


Your favorite: a light, refreshing, Wheat Beer! Lemony citrus flavor with mild notes of clove in the finish. Sure it’s December, but go out and mow the lawn anyway.
4.7% ABV • IBU 18

    CHICKAREE RED                Irish Red Ale NITRO           

A Red Ale with a touch o’ the Green. Brewed and finished with Sweet Gale to add a 13th century twist to this malty, earthy British Isle classic. Sláinte!
5.3% ABV • IBU 23