Harvest Ale

A Harvest Pale Ale with a one-track mind. Brewed exclusively with Maris Otter malt and Fresh Cascade hops from Avery Mountain Bines and Twines Tunkhannock, PA. Earthy, grassy, and slightly floral. Built to showcase the best Malt , and the best, freshest Hops available.  PROST!
6.0% ABV • IBU 43

 Kölsch Wieß

Cold-conditioned Ale from the Köln region of Germany. This is our version of a rare fresh and unfiltered style called Wieß. (Pronounced "Veese" ) Cloudy, very light-bodied with a fruity nose. Brewed exclusively with Hallertau Blanc hops.This Weasel REALLY pops! 
5.1% ABV  •  IBU 26


Bière de Garde

A Farmhouse Ale traditionally made for keeping as a provision throughout the year. Think of it as Saison’s Beefier more muscular cousin. Ours is made as a just reward to end a tough day on the bike, or after work. Liberally hopped with Strisselspalt. But it’s really all about that Malt. ALL about that Malt. Is it Belgian? Is it French? We say Vive la France!!
7.4% ABV • IBU 28


Belgian Tripel

The name says "Delicious" in any language! A little bit bready, a little bit sweet, with fruit and alcohol warmth in the finish. Not as thin as some Tripels. This smooth high ABV sipper will have you climbing a tree before you know it.
9.7% ABV • IBU 26


Barrel-Aged Porter

Our Nigerian Prince Porter aged in Dad’s Hat Rye Whiskey casks. Like it’s namesake, it’s Dark… Tempting… and too good to be TRUE. Notes of Vanilla with wood and spicy Rye in the finish. 64oz. growlers are available for a $26 million dollar wire transfer, and your NETFLIX password. 
6.9% ABV • IBU 47

Fruit Beer

Our 2nd offering by Guest Brewer Chris Nalbone, and brought back for a 2nd engagement. This light-bodied ale with Barley and Wheat was aged on Organic Watermelons from the Carversville Farm Foundation. Refreshing and fruity but not sweet. This is NOT another Jolly Rancher beer.
4.5% ABV • IBU 23

                     MERCIAN UPRISING                                 Stout *Nitro*           

Boldly flavorful with a big roasty finish that belies it’s light body and lower ABV. A noticeably dark malt bitterness without the sharpness. This is the same beer we use for our Oyster Stout sans shells :) Wessex will rue the day!!
4.7% ABV • IBU 36