A German style strong wheat beer. Dark in color and stronger than a Hefe or a Dunkelweizen. Wheatey and a little bit Malty without the usual Banana and clove notes.
6.5% • IBU 19

Smoked Altbier

Brewed in collaboration with Kermesse Sport. Clean medium-bodied Altbier is the perfect complement to European smoked malt. Noble hops bring it all home. A well-earned treat after Brian's signature style of Velo-Bludgeoning. Santé !
5.0% ABV  •  IBU 30


Oyster Stout

A Dry Stout brewed with wild oyster shells from Metropolitan Seafood & Gourmet. It's been described as...  Luscious, Generous, Briny,Tasty, Quixotic.   Which way do YOU go?
4.1% • IBU 36


English IPA

IBUs LIE!!! The latest in our Guest Brewer series with a recipe compliments of the nominal Third Prince, Chuck Rudy. This IPA has a strong, malty backbone (just like God intended), low carbonation and finishes with a sturdy, but not overly bitter hop presence. The ABV & IBU may say American but it definitely drinks with an English accent...
7.1% • IBU 71


London Mild

Light-bodied, low ABV pub ale of London and Southern England. Toasty with a slightly sweet finish, but without the malt signature of an English Bitter. the sweet birds, O, how they Sing!
2.9% ABV • IBU 15

Belgian Tripel

The name says "delicious" in any language! A little bit bready, a little bit sweet, with fruit and alcohol warmth in the finish. Not as thin as a lot of Tripels. This smooth high ABV sipper will have you climbing a tree before you know it.     
10% ABV • IBU 26

                     BRUCE WEE                      'Enter the Flagon'
Strong Scotch Ale *Nitro*

A Strong Scottish Ale with a Kung Fu Kick! Roasted barley for body and brown sugar for molasses-y goodness. It puts the mojo in our dojo.
7.8% • IBU 54