Belgian Strong Ale

Not exactly a Dubbel... Not quite a Tripel. Kurt calls it a Deuce-and-a-Half. This beer is brewed with honey, orange peel. and lots of spices. Presents with dried stone-fruits with a sweet finish. Nothing says "delicious" like dead squirrels.
9.8% ABV • IBU 27

 English Porter

Dark...Tempting...and too good to be True. A straight forward English Porter with hints of chocolate and a roasty, slightly bitter finish.
5.1% ABV  •  IBU 47



Your favorite: A light, refreshing Wheat Beer! Lemony citrus flavor with mild notes of clove in the finish. You may actually ask for permission to mow the lawn.
4.1% ABV • IBU 18


Cream Ale

Light in color. Light in body. Fruity, but not sweet. A variation of our Peaches-N-Cream Ale. Finished with Azacca and Crystal hops and "dry hopped" with Tangerine peels for a fruity, tart nose. You'll feel it's taste all the time you're apart.
4.7% ABV • IBU 21


Coffee Stout

A dry English Stout blended with Sumatran coffee from Covered Bridge Coffee Roasters. Long, cold-brewing reduces the bitterness and acidity in the coffee and a rich toasty Stout rounds out the flavor. Someone get me a doughnut...
5.1% ABV • IBU 36

Biere de Garde

A Farmhouse Ale traditionally made for keeping as a provision throughout the year. Ours is made as a just reward to end a tough day on the bike, or at work. Liberally hopped with Strisselspalt. But it's really all about that Malt. Is it Belgian? Is it French? We say Vive la France!!! 
7.7% ABV • IBU 28

                     CONNIPTION                         Northern English Strong Ale             *** NITRO ***

Our oldest recipe. Based on the strong Brown Ales of the Yorkshire region of Northern England. Malty, with a bracing hop finish. Always delicious... on Nitro, its downright Ka...RAZY!
6.5% ABV • IBU 59