Your Favorite: a light, refreshing Wheat Beer! Lemony citrus flavor with mild notes of clove in the finish. You may actually ask permission to mow the lawn.
4.2% ABV • IBU 18

 Belgian Tripel

The name says delicious in ANY language! A little bready, a little sweet, with fruit and alcohol warmth in the finish. Not as thin as a lot of Tripels. This smooth high ABV sipper will have you climbing a tree before you now it.
9.7% ABV  •  IBU 26


*** KICKED!!! ***

A Dry Stout brewed with Oyster shells from Metropolitan Seafood and Gourmet. Mineral finish with the faintest whiff of ocean air. It's been described as: Luscious...Generous...Briny...Tasty...Quixotic.   Which way do YOU go? 
4.5% ABV • IBU 36


English Porter

Dark...Tempting...and too good to be True. A straight-forward English Porter with hints of chocolate and a roasty, slightly bitter finish. 64 0z. Growlers are available for $18 million dollars, + your bank routing, and social security numbers. 
4.5% ABV • IBU 47


Fruit Sour

A pale periwinkle colored Sour Wheat, made in conjunction with Hundred Fruit Farm in Buckingham. Hand-picked Blackberries blended with an American Wheat Beer, aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels. Effervescent and thirst-quenching. Full-on sour fruit in the nose sets up the delicate tart berry flavor which plays nicely with a bone-dry wheat beer. the perfect Summer Sipper.

Supplies are EXTREMELY Limited, so there will be no growlers of this beer.
6.3% ABV • IBU 17

Citrus Cream Ale

Light in color. Light in body. Fruity but not sweet. A variation of our Peaches-N-Cream Ale. Finished with Azacca and Crystal hops, and then "dry-hopped" with dried Tangerine peels for a fruity tart nose. You'll feel its taste all the time you're apart.
4.5% ABV • IBU 21

                     MERRY SWAINS                                 Dark Mild *Nitro*           

This English Mild kicks off with roasty malt and a slightly hoppy nose. Mid palate is Toasty Roasty goodness from local Maltsters Deer Creek. English hops linger... Low alcohol, packed with flavor, and ohhh sooo creamy on Nitro. Drool Britannia!!! 
3.7% ABV • IBU 44