Alt Doppelsticke

The Holidays are over, but not quite... Keep the celebration alive with the arrival of Merry Alt Saint Sticke! The patron Saint of penumbra-spotting marmots everywhere. A stronger version of the cold-conditioned Altbier from Dussseldorf, Germany...with a bit of a twist...
8.1% ABV • IBU 77

Belgian Tripel

The name says delicious in any language! A little bit bready, a little bit sweet, with a fruit and alcohol warmth in the finish. Not as a lot of Tripels. Thos smooth high ABV sipper will have you climbing a tree before you know it!
10% ABV  •  IBU 26


Imperial Honey Wheat

A strong wheat beer brewed with assertive wild raspberry honey. Both brewed and dry-hopped with Citra hops. Sweet, citrusy, and full-bodied. The Emperor of wheat beers! 
8.0% ABV • IBU 59


NIGERIAN PRINCE 'Cote de Vanille'
Vanilla Porter

There's....something IN there!! We took our dry Nigerian Prince English Porter & added something new: Vanilla! It whispers in the nose, lingers in the finish. Vanilla extract is Brewery-made and is reserved and not sweet.
4.7% ABV • IBU 47



Dark in color, light in body.Rich roasted wheat flavor with notes of clove and banana in the finish. It may very well change your mind about Dark Beer.
4.1% ABV • IBU 14

Kölsch Wieß

Cold-conditioned Ale traditionally from the Köln region of Germany. Our version of a rare, fresh and unfiltered style called Wieß. Cloudy and very light-bodied with a fruity nose. Brewed with Hallertau Blanc hops. This Weasel REALLY pops.    
4.6% ABV • IBU 26

Dry-Hopped English Brown *Nitro*

A lighter version of our Conniption Ale. Lower ABV and dry-hopped with Chinook and Mt. Hood. Earthy with a mild fruity finish. It still has the malt backbone of a classic English Brown. Not in the mood for a full-blown Conniption? Try a little Twitch instead... 
5.9% ABV • IBU 59